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Forest Products Journal Volume 61 Number 8
595 An Overview of the Forest Products Sector Downturn in the United States by C. W. Woodall, P. J. Ince,
K. E. Skog, F. X. Aguilar, C. E. Keegan, C. B. Sorenson, D. G. Hodges, and W. B. Smith

604 An Assessment of the Downturn in the Forest Products Sector in the Northern Region of the United States by C. W. Woodall, W. G. Luppold, P. J. Ince, R. J....
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Forest Products Journal Volume 61 Number 7
500 Commercialization Potential of Viscoelastic Thermal Compressed Wood: Insights from the US Forest Products Industry by Natalie Macias, Chris Knowles, Fred Kamke, and Andreja Kutnar

510 Effects of Vertical Density Profiles on Bending Properties of Fiberboard with a "Bowl-Shaped" Vertical Density Profile by Yang Zhang and Zhiming Yu

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Journal of Forest Products Business Research Lean Evaluation of an Engineering Process: A Case Study in Furniture Industry
Currently, an efficient engineering process is very important for the furniture manufacturers. For example, drawings or production documents are controlled merely by the release date and not by a systematic method to measure each internal process and how it affects internal cost and customer satisfaction. This research was conducted through a case study in a furniture...
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Wood Design Focus Application of Diaphragm Action in Post-Frame Buildings
In post-frame buildings, side-wall post frames carry
a fraction of the applied lateral loads (wind loads). The
rest of the loads are transferred to the end walls by
the roof / ceiling diaphragm. This phenomenon, called
diaphragm action, results in smaller size posts and
post embedment requirements than are obtained by
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Wood Design Focus Statistical Fundamentals for Wood Engineering
This article is a primer on statistics for wood engineering
professionals. Introduced are general statistical
concepts, handy equations and references, and rules of
thumb that we have found useful. Topics include sampling,
mathematical notation, statistical and graphical
description of data, common probability distributions,
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Hardwood Symposium Proceedings State of hardwood resources in the United States in 2001
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Wood Handbook: Wood as an Engineering Material

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Managing Treated Wood in Aquatic Environments $14.99/$24.99

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