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Publication: Journal of Forest Products Business Research
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Reference ID: Volume 9, Article No. 3
Publish Year: 2012
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Title: Comparisons Between Green Homebuilders and Traditional Homebuilders
This paper examines views and approaches of home builders across the U.S. to determine whether there are differences in their use and perception of materials, technologies, certified wood, and green-building programs. Green-building certification programs assign points to projects according to various categories associated with building a home. This study divides these categories into six sections, which serve as the basis for 1) the layout of this paper and 2) the items used to compare home builders. A web-based survey instrument was used to collect data for developing profiles for two categories of home builder — Green
and Traditional — according to the six green-building categories. Regarding general material selection, Green builders emphasize 1) choosing building materials made from recycled materials and derived from renewable raw material, 2) energy efficiency, and 3) whether materials are produced locally, as well as their recyclability and service life. Regarding specific material selection,
Green builders believe 1) wood is a highly renewable material and 2) steel and concrete are recyclable and have a long service life. Traditional builders believe 1) wood and steel contribute to a high level of energy efficiency in the completed house and 2) the manufacturing of steel and concrete has low CO2 emissions and uses a low level of energy. Regarding familiarity with newer building-product technologies, home builders do not seem to be well informed about solar power-generation, solar water-heating, structural insulated panels, heat-recovery ventilators, cement’s impacts on the environment, or tankless water heaters. Regarding the environmental perceptions of building materials, homebuilders appear to be knowledgeable about volatile organic compounds, water-conserving fixtures, and energy-efficient appliances and windows. However, homebuilders do not seem to believe that environmentally certified wood programs are very effective, nor do they seem to be well informed about green-building programs.

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