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Publication: Forest Products Journal
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Publish Year: 2019
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Title: Evolution of Acoustical, Geometrical, Physical, and Mechanical Parameters from Seedling to Cutting Age in Eucalyptus Clones Used in the Pulp and Paper Industries in Brazil
Wood-processing industries must be able to estimate the properties of wood to properly manage the wood production chain. For this estimation, changes in certain characteristics over time must be identified so that they can be used to rapidly differentiate a clone or species. Of interest are acoustical, geometrical, physical, and mechanical properties, all measurable in seedlings. Thus, the objective of this research was to analyze the evolution of the ultrasonic wave propagation velocity, diameter, height, basic density, strength, and stiffness starting in nursery seedlings at 3 months of age to trees at 6 years of age, which is the cutting age used by the pulp and paper industry in Brazil. The experiment was conducted in 121 seedlings and 270 trees of three Eucalyptus clones. Within the age range analyzed, the results indicated that all parameters have the potential to be used in a predictive model to estimate the future quality of clones, although the predictive value of these parameters varies. The ultrasonic wave propagation velocity was the only property that maintained the coherent differences among clones from the seedling to the cutting age (6 yr old). The strength, stiffness, diameter, and height maintained coherence from 12 months to the cutting age, whereas the basic density was maintained from the age of 24 months to the cutting age. We hope that these results will contribute to improving the methods to select clones.

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