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Publication: Forest Products Journal
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Publish Year: 2012
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Title: Volume 62 Number 4
244 Bruce Lippke, Richard Bergman, Adam Taylor, and Maureen E. Puettmann
247 Bruce Lippke, Richard Gustafson, Richard Venditti, Philip Steele, Timothy A. Volk, Elaine Oneil,
Leonard Johnson, Maureen E. Puettmann, and Kenneth Skog
258 Leonard Johnson, Bruce Lippke, and Elaine Oneil
273 Maureen E. Puettmann and Bruce Lippke
280 Daniel Reed, Richard Bergman, Jae-Woo Kim, Adam Taylor, David Harper, David Jones, Chris Knowles, and Maureen E. Puettmann
289 John F. Katers, Adam, J. Snippen, and Maureen E. Puettmann
296 Bruce Lippke, Maureen E. Puettmann,
Leonard Johnson, Richard Gustafson, Richard Venditti, Philip Steele, John F. Katers, Adam Taylor, Timothy A.
Volk, Elaine Oneil, Kenneth Skog, Erik Budsberg, Jesse Daystar, and Jesse Caputo
305 Erik Budsberg, Mohit Rastogi, Maureen E. Puettmann, Jesse Caputo, Stephen Balogh, Timothy
A. Volk, Richard Gustafson, and Leonard Johnson
314 Jesse Daystar, Carter Reeb, Richard Venditti, Ronalds Gonzalez, and Maureen E. Puettmann
326 Philip Steele, Maureen E. Puettmann, Venkata
Kanthi Penmetsa, and Jerome E. Cooper

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