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Publication: Forest Products Journal
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Publish Year: 2011
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Title: Volume 61 Number 8
595 An Overview of the Forest Products Sector Downturn in the United States by C. W. Woodall, P. J. Ince,
K. E. Skog, F. X. Aguilar, C. E. Keegan, C. B. Sorenson, D. G. Hodges, and W. B. Smith

604 An Assessment of the Downturn in the Forest Products Sector in the Northern Region of the United States by C. W. Woodall, W. G. Luppold, P. J. Ince, R. J. Piva, and K. E. Skog
614 Recession Effects on the Forests and Forest Products Industries of the South by D. G. Hodges, A. J.
Hartsell, C. Brandeis, T. J. Brandeis, and J. W. Bentley
625 Impact of the Great Recession and Housing Collapse on the Forest Products Industry in the Western
United States by C. E. Keegan, C. B. Sorenson, T. A. Morgan, J. M. Daniels, and S. W. Hayes
635 Deconstructing Innovation: An Exploratory Study of the US Furniture Industry by Andreja Pirc Barcˇic,
Richard Vlosky, and Darko Motik
644 [Technical Note] The Chinese Treated Wood Market: Current Status and Future Perspectives by Xiaozhi
(Jeff) Cao, Jeffrey J. Morrell, and Eric N. Hansen
649 Impact Assessment of the 2008 to 2010 Economic Downturn Period on Appalachian Hardwood
Sawmill Operations by Wenshu Lin, Jingxin Wang, David DeVallance, and David Summerfield
656 Predicting Internal White Oak (Quercus alba) Log Defect Features Using Surface Defect Indicator
Measurements by Ralph E. Thomas
664 Productivity and Cost of Integrated Harvesting for Fuel Reduction Thinning in Mixed-Conifer Forest
by Brian Vitorelo, Han-Sup Han, and William Elliot
675 Sanitation Felling and Helicopter Harvesting of Bark Beetle–Infested Trees in Alpine Forests: An
Assessment of the Economic Costs by Massimo Faccoli, Valerio Finozzi, and Paola Gatto
681 A Comparison of Drying Strategies for Spruce–Pine–Fir Dimension Lumber by Liping Cai and Luiz C.
685 [Technical Note] Resistance of Selected Wood-Based Materials to Fungal and Termite Attack in Non–
Soil Contact Exposures by Jeffrey J. Morrell
688 Improved Plywood Strength and Lowered Emissions from Soybean Meal/Melamine Urea-Formaldehyde
Adhesives by Qiang Gao, Sheldon Shi, Shifeng Zhang, Jianzhang Li, and Kaiwen Liang
694 The Prolonged Effect of Plasma Treatment upon Dielectric Properties of Wood-Based Composites by
Srdjan Svrzic and Petar Todorovic

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