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Publication: Forest Products Journal
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Publish Year: 2011
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Title: Volume 61 Number 6
428 Measuring the Moisture Content of Green Wood Using Time Domain Reflectometry by Laurence Schimleck, Kim Love-Myers, Joe Sanders, Heath Raybon, Richard Daniels, Jerry Mahon, Edward Andrews, and Erik Schilling

435 Impact of Wood Variability on the Drying Rate at Different Moisture Content Levels by Adin Berberovic and Michael R. Milota

443 Antifungal Activity of Organic Extracts from Juniperus virginiana Heartwood against Wood Decay Fungi by Sung Phil Mun and Lynn Prewitt

450 Supplemental Treatments for Timber Bridge Components by H. M. Barnes, T. L. Amburgey, M. G. Sanders, and G. B. Lindsey

459 An Examination of Michigan’s Logging Sector in the Emerging Bioenergy Market by Shivan G.C. and Karen Potter-Witter

466 A Field-Tested Log Traceability System by Bjorn Moller, Jan Wikander, and Mikael Hellgren

473 The Utilization of Chips from Comminuted Wood Waste as a Substitute for Flakes in the Oriented Strand Board Core by Radoslaw Mirski and Dorota Dziurka

478 Effects of Pressing Temperature and Particle Size on Bark Board Properties Made from Beetle-Infested Lodgepole Pine (Pinus contorta) Barks by Gireesh Gupta, Ning Yan, and Martin W. Feng

489 Factors Affecting Customer Loyalty in the Taiwanese Imported Lumber Market by Jun-yen Lee and Tse-Wen Hsieh

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